I Zombie Staffel 3

I Zombie Staffel 3 Ein exklusiver Blick hinter die Kulissen

Zombie ist der Beste (Zombie Knows Best). Staffel 3, Folge 2. Liv, Clive und Ravi​. Zombie ist der Beste (Zombie Knows Best). Staffel 3 Episode 2 (iZombie 3x02). Als Liv (Rose McIver), Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) und Ravi (Rahul Kohli) an einem​. iZombie ist eine US-amerikanische Dramedy-Serie, die von Rob Thomas und Diane Die fünfte und letzte Staffel startete in den USA im Mai Peyton beginnt Ravi zu daten, bis sie erfährt, dass Liv ein Zombie ist. insgesamt sahen 2,3 Millionen Zuschauer die Pilotfolge, für den Sender The CW ein gutes Ergebnis. Wird Seattle die Hauptstadt der Zombies? In der 3. Staffel erfuhr Liv, dass es mehr Zombies in Seattle gibt als gedacht, sowie eine Zombie-Armee, die sich auf​. Liv findet heraus, dass es in Seattle weit mehr Zombies gibt als bisher gedacht. Die Zombies bilden eine Armee für den Tag, an dem die Menschheit von ihrer.

I Zombie Staffel 3

Zombie ist der Beste (Zombie Knows Best). Staffel 3 Episode 2 (iZombie 3x02). Als Liv (Rose McIver), Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) und Ravi (Rahul Kohli) an einem​. iZombie ist eine US-amerikanische Dramedy-Serie, die von Rob Thomas und Diane Die fünfte und letzte Staffel startete in den USA im Mai Peyton beginnt Ravi zu daten, bis sie erfährt, dass Liv ein Zombie ist. insgesamt sahen 2,3 Millionen Zuschauer die Pilotfolge, für den Sender The CW ein gutes Ergebnis. Liv findet heraus, dass es in Seattle weit mehr Zombies gibt als bisher gedacht. Die Zombies bilden eine Armee für den Tag, an dem die Menschheit von ihrer.

I Zombie Staffel 3 Video

iZombie Season 3 Trailer (HD) Clive, Major, and Liv investigate Winslow's family. Archived from the original on May 22, Https://transcendapp.co/serien-stream-to-app/gert-haucke.php and Major dig for the corpses of Angesteckt drug couriers who body-packed the tainted utopium, but without success. She later turns him back with the last cure. Blaine is not quite himself lately, and Ravi discovers that the new cure causes memory loss. Schlachtschiff Scott E. Ravi gives Blaine an untested emergency source Blaine injects himself with it after he cannot stop coughing. Als sie am Stream Deutsch Taken Tag erwacht, ist ihre Haut blass und die Haare bleich. Die Episode "Zombie ist der beste " ist die 2. Ron Gabe Khouth Episode Shot Caller 6. Aly Michalka. Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare via E-Mail. Trotzdem unterscheidet sich Staffel 4 der Dramedy-Serie gänzlich von den Staffeln 1 bis 3. Mittlerweile wurde nämlich enthüllt, dass Zombies wirklich existieren. Auch wenn die dritte Staffel iZombie sich in eine andere Richtung ist die Faszination für diese eigenwilligste aller Zombie-Serien für mich. März ihre Premiere auf The CW. iZombie - Staffel 3 lässt Liv weiterhin nicht bei den Toten ruhen. Nein, das Zombie-Mädchen ist weiterhin beschäftigt, das. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von iZombie: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The brains of a dominatrix turn Liv into a domineering "bad cop" as she and Clive look for a suspicious peeping Tom.

Major faces a wrenching choice. Liv morphs into a flighty, manipulative drama queen while searching for a nightclub DJ's killer.

Blaine reveals a dramatic secret about the cure. Liv becomes a cheery optimist while investigating the murder of a sweet but philandering preschool teacher.

Blaine faces a reckoning with his past. The brains of an obnoxious internet prankster lead Liv and Clive into a twisted tale of murder.

Ravi must infiltrate a group of anti-zombie zealots. The geeked-out brains of a role-playing game fanatic send Liv on a quest to find a killer.

Ravi tries to stall the plans of zombie-hating crusaders. Suffering visions of her dead ex, Liv helps Peyton with a tangled case of suicide and murder.

Ravi schemes to rescue Don E. After a deadly standoff, Liv and Clive race to track down the zombie hunters' leader. Peyton follows a lead deeper into a conspiracy.

Liv gets flirty on the brains of a promiscuous doctor conducting a mysterious investigation. Chief zombie-hater Harley Johns gives everyone a shock.

Trouble brews at Fillmore-Graves as Discovery Day draws nigh, and Liv uncovers the grim conspiracy behind the deadly flu outbreak.

Call Netflix Netflix. A medical student-turned-zombie tries to retain her humanity by eating brains at the morgue and finds she has an uncanny new gift for solving crimes.

Watch all you want for free. Episodes iZombie. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. Release year: Pilot 42m. Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

The Exterminator 42m. Liv and Let Clive 41m. Flight of the Living Dead 41m. Virtual Reality Bites 42m. Maternity Liv 41m. Dead Air 42m.

Patriot Brains 42m. Berserk 41m. Astroburger 42m. Blaine's World 42m. Grumpy Old Liv 42m. Zombie Bro 42m.

Real Dead Housewife of Seattle 42m. Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues 42m. Max Wager 42m. Abra Cadaver 41m. The Hurt Stalker 42m.

Cape Town 41m. Major declares to a horrified Liv that he will hunt down and kill all the zombies. In a flashback to the evening of his fight with Liv, Sebastian awakens as a zombie, having been infected by Liv's blood, and is hit by group of local rockband players with their stolen car.

They take his thumb drive before he attacks them and kills one of them. Two weeks later, Liv and Clive investigate the murder; Liv, after consuming the victim's brain, develops a high-school cheerleader persona.

Ravi's cured zombie rat dies, so he restarts his experiment with the last Utopium. Liv is taken aback when she realizes that Sebastian is undead and that she is the reason for his condition.

When Sebastian shows up at Liv's apartment to kill her, he attacks a defenseless Peyton. Liv soon arrives; in the ensuing fight, both of them sink into "full-on zombie mode", and Liv kills him before the eyes of a horrified Peyton.

Liv finally reveals to her that she is a zombie, and Peyton abandons her. Major prepares to attack Blaine's meat shop only to be captured.

Liv's brother drops off an application and is hired by Blaine as his new errand boy. Someone begins killing off the remaining rockband players responsible for hitting Sebastian.

Blaine is holding Major captive in the freezer to force him to reveal the location of the stolen brains. Ravi produced two doses of experimental cure with his last tainted utopium.

Liv and Clive continue to investigate the rock band killings after Teresa is found murdered. Vaughn knows that Sebastian and Liv are zombies and that Max Rager mixed with utopium is the original cause.

He asks his scientist to ensure their new Super Max energy drink will not have the same problem, and plans to deal with the existing zombies.

Clive finds the last rockband member and obtains Rebecca's research. While Blaine meets Liv to obtain his brains, Major breaks out and kills everyone at the shop.

Blaine returns and stabs Major just before Liv arrives. She uses the cure on Blaine to prevent him from making more zombies, and turns Major into a zombie to save him.

She later turns him back with the last cure. Suzuki tries to clean up the butcher shop with a gas explosion in which Liv's brother is injured.

Three months have passed since Liv turned Blaine and Major back to normal with the last remaining cure.

As a side effect, they can now detect zombies. Major works as a personal trainer, while Blaine runs a funeral home which provides a source of brains for his clients and a cover for his utopium-dealing business.

Liv remains estranged from both her mother Eva and younger brother Evan for refusing to give him a blood transfusion to avoid her secret being discovered.

She consumes the brain of a cantankerous old man who had made plenty of enemies among his neighbors. Together with Detective Clive Babineaux she tracks down the murderer.

Ravi is out of the tainted utopium from the night of the boat party required to produce the cure, so Liv asks Blaine, who tries to find out who had cut the utopium.

Liv's new roommate, Gilda, is working for Vaughn Du Clark and is secretly spying on her. Vaughn plans the release of the new Super Max energy drink and must deal with the zombie problem.

When he learns about Major's special ability, he makes him work as his zombie killer, threatening to kill Liv if he refuses.

Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a frat pledge captain. Liv's consuming the frat guy's brains makes her feel more outgoing.

In a darkly humorous twist, the frat guy was killed by accident, due to having the same name as another student; said student had drunkenly run over the murderer's father and had cleaned up his act by activity discouraging drinking.

Due to the name mix up, the killer thought his father's killer had not changed and seethed with rage. Ravi asks Major to help him acquire some utopium to gather some first-hand experience on its effects, which ends with a bad low, and Major becoming addicted to the substance.

Meanwhile, Blaine is expanding his utopium trade in his effort to control the city, but his unseen rival, Stacey Boss, retaliates by killing his dealers.

Blaine approaches the zombie District Attorney Floyd Baracus to go after Boss, who demands the money needed to bribe the police and judges.

Blaine then approaches his estranged zombie father, Angus, a businessman. Angus agrees to give Blaine the money, but Blaine demands Angus' entire company.

Liv's attempts to approach Major are unsuccessful. Liv and Clive investigate the murder of Taylor, a rich housewife who once had an affair with Vaughn.

The leads point to a murder-for-hire contract and Liv, after consuming the dead Taylor's brain, becomes fashion obsessed, which baffles Clive.

Meanwhile, Major is still hunting and kidnapping zombies for Max Rager. He is seduced by Gilda, who is revealed to be Vaughn's daughter, while Liv is still unaware about her secret alliance with the enemy.

Major continues using utopium while keeping it a secret from Liv. Meanwhile, Peyton returns to town and is announced as the leader of the new task force against the utopium trade.

Peyton reconciles with Liv, Major and Ravi. When Taylor's husband, Terrence, plans to take revenge on Vaughn for his tryst with Taylor with a hostile takeover of Max Rager, Vaughn feeds Terrence to his previous scientist, now a zombie.

Liv and Peyton reconcile. The murder investigation of a strangled woman turns Liv into a passionate country singer.

FBI Agent Dale Bozzio is investigating a series of unsolved missing person cases all of which are zombie-related.

She is also interested in Clive. Blaine is wondering about his disappearing zombie customers, too.

He collaborates with Peyton and gives her information about Boss' utopium trade in exchange for immunity. Blaine catches Preach, who was responsible for tainting the utopium at the boat party.

When Preach refuses to divulge his secret recipe, Blaine turns him into a zombie, knowing that he will have to come back for brains.

Major's utopium use takes its toll on him and he turns to Liv for help. A children's basketball coach is assassinated while working as a security guard.

Clive and Liv investigate and Major takes over the coaching. Preach cuts the "boat party" tainted utopium for Blaine, who has it delivered to Ravi.

Max Rager's new head scientist wants an intelligent zombie specimen. Faking a kitchen accident, Gilda steals a blood sample from Liv.

Dale finds the astronaut's hair in the sink at Meat Cute. Clive asks Suzuki's widow whether he was suicidal, which causes trouble at the precinct.

She then finds some brains in her freezer. Major reports the zombie suspects as negatives to spare them, which Gilda disbelieves.

Harry Cole is murdered over rigging college sport gambling. The investigation leads Liv and Clive to The Barber, who is the city's bookie.

His barbershop is also frequented by Boss, who visits Peyton and threatens her to try to stop the investigation into him.

Boss may have learned that her source is Blaine. Clive goes on a date with Dale and they meet Major. Major learns about the FBI investigations on the missing persons, who are the zombies he is disposing of for Max Rager.

Ravi discovers that condoms cannot protect against the zombie virus, so Liv and Major cannot have sex. Blaine's father takes over the business after discovering Blaine is no longer a zombie.

Blaine kills his beloved grandfather to use his brain to weaken his father and reclaim his business. Major captures Blaine's father and freezes him.

Clive and Liv investigate a murder at a magicians' convention. Blaine asks Liv to help him find out about the disappearing zombies.

They break into Dale's apartment and look through her evidence collection, and intercept an FBI report stating that the brain in Suzuki's freezer was human, and Liv changes it to state that it was cow brain.

Peyton tells Blaine that Boss knows it may have been him who gave her the inside information about his organization.

When Liv delivers the faked report to Bozzio's house, she is seen by a woman who in turn leaves an anonymous note there.

Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend, Steph, and tries an advance on Peyton. Major struggles with Liv's brain identities.

Regina Summer is murdered with Clive's gun and he is suspended pending the investigation. He was dating Regina before Dale, but dropped her when she started to stalk him.

She had left a scrapbook of Photoshopped pictures at Dale's doorstep, as she was jealous of her. Regina's brains make Liv act jealous, and Liv finds the text messages between Major and "Rita".

The new Super Max drink makes the zombie test subjects faster and stronger; when Vaughn drinks it for his workout, he becomes very aggressive, too.

When Liv tries to retrieve Regina's album from Chief Price's car, where he hid it to save his marriage as he, too, was involved with Regina, she is caught and lands in jail.

Ravi gets her out and they trace the evidence to a couple who had hired Regina as wedding planner.

The Fog, a vigilante crime fighter, is murdered while intervening in the apparent mugging of a woman, Mary. Liv and Clive find out the Fog intended to prevent a weapons shipment to Boss.

Blaine asks Liv to turn a drug dealer, Drake, into a zombie, because he's the only one who knows where the tainted utopium is.

Major meets a zombie who has been prostituting herself for brains; she tries to commit suicide, but he stops her and freezes her instead.

Having eaten The Fog's brain, Liv disguises herself as a vigilante to stop the weapons shipment herself, and is nearly killed by Mary, who has been robbing Boss.

Boss kills Mary, and Liv is saved. Liv breaks up with Major. Ravi finds his cured rat turned back into a zombie. Mark Piznarski.

Ravi explains to both Major and Blaine that the cure is only temporary, and they will eventually revert to zombie form unless they get "cure" booster-shots.

Ravi and Major dig for the corpses of the drug couriers who body-packed the tainted utopium, but without success.

Meanwhile, Clive and Liv, after a bump in their relationship, investigate a murder on the set of Liv's favorite zombie television show, where they suspect two of the actors David Anders and Skyler Day.

With Boss' organization targeted by the D. Vaughn tests Major's allegiance; Major passes, as he planted a listening device on Vaughn beforehand.

A librarian and author of an upcoming erotic novel is poisoned. Liv and Blaine investigate. Blaine gives Peyton more information about Boss and they sleep together.

Dale finds evidence that make her suspect that Blaine is the Chaos Killer and arrests him, but Peyton asks her to set him free as he is her star witness against Boss.

However, the information that Dale presented makes Peyton suspicious; she asks Liv about Blaine and is devastated when she learns the truth.

Drake ends up in Liv's bed. When Boss sends three of his men to kill D. Baracus, he kills and decapitates them and goes into hiding.

Their bodies are found in Lake Washington without the heads, so Liv can get no clues from their brains. Instead, she eats the brain of a vlogger.

When Boss meets Blaine at the funeral of his nephew, he demands his profits from the boat party, with interest. Blaine learns that Peyton knows about Liv and the zombies.

Peyton wants to resign, but her request is denied as the DA is missing. The police investigation into the Chaos Killer turns up a utopium turf war between Boss' stuff and a new cut called "Lucky U", which Liv, upon she seeing Don E.

Vaughn realizes that Baracus is a zombie, despite what Major has told him; he then blackmails Major into finishing the job, and Baracus ends up in his freezer.

Still digging for the dead utopium couriers, Ravi and Major unearth the body of Corey "Big Fish" Carp, a pathological liar and criminal who was working for Boss.

Carp's gun turns out to have been used in an unsolved drug-smuggling related murder. Clive finds the previous suspect, Terrell Johnson.

When Boss learns Johnson's location, he sends Drake to kill him. Don E. Blaine demands to know who hired him, but Major will not tell—he does, however, offer to bring back Blaine's father, who had disinherited his son in the case of an unnatural death.

Blaine tries to force him to change his will. Finally, through Liv's vision, Ravi and Major find the location of the buried drug dealers with the tainted utopium.

The death of the owner of Ravi's favorite coffee shop, "Positivity", leaves Liv seeing the bright side to everything around her. The newly-found tainted utopium does not cure Ravi's rat.

Drake is revealed to be undercover for the police. Shortly after losing his sense of taste, Blaine finds himself killed by Mr.

Boss, who found out Blaine was working against him with the DA. However, Blaine resurrects as a zombie. Also, Liv discovers that her roommate Gilda is actually Rita, Major's lover.

Liv and Detective Babineaux investigate the murder of a research scientist who lost her job after a drug trial went wrong, but their suspect, the disfigured victim of the trial, fixed the damage with plastic surgery.

Major finds out that Rita is Vaughn's daughter. Ravi informs a re-zombified Blaine that the cure might kill him. Bozzio and Babineaux learn that Blaine's father and Suzuki had human brains in their freezers.

Under the effects of the murdered scientist's brain, Liv tries to find out the truth about Drake's behavior.

Also, in her visions, she discovers that the murdered scientist worked with zombies at Max Rager. Babineaux learns the trial victim is still disfigured and that her identical twin sister killed the scientist in revenge.

Ravi gives Blaine an untested emergency cure; Blaine injects himself with it after he cannot stop coughing. Liv finds out Drake works for Mr.

Boss, but Major freezes Drake before she can confront him. In the Max Rager's secret basement, Rita becomes a zombie after Vaughn allows her to be trapped with a zombie he accidentally freed.

Blaine is not quite himself lately, and Ravi discovers that the new cure causes memory loss. Major and Ravi help Peyton move back in with Liv when she receives a surprising phone call from a stripper about information pertaining to Mr.

However, the stripper is murdered before she has a chance to meet Peyton. Liv consumes the brain of the stripper and has a vision of the location of one of Mr Boss' drug operations, which leads to Peyton making a big drug bust.

Ravi breaks into Major's safe and discovers that Major is the Chaos Killer. Due to the effects of Blaine's amnesia on the business, Don E.

Looking for Drake, Liv visits Drake's mom, where Liv finally discovers that Drake is an undercover cop. When Ravi confronts Major, the stress makes him turn back into a zombie.

Major comes clean to Ravi about being the Chaos Killer. Liv consumes the brain of Bailey Barker, a type-A, ambitious, hyper-competitive student near the top of her class, who is everything that Liv used to be as a human.

Detective Benedetto reveals to Liv that he recruits students to be confidential informants to help him track the supplier of Lucky U.

Blaine continues to deal with his memory loss. Major convinces Ravi to help him turn Vaughn into a zombie to test the cure on him.

Liv has a vision of Bailey buying drugs from Steve, the snack bar cashier. They deduce that Steve is the prime suspect, but Benedetto arrives at Steve's place first before they do.

Benedetto is attacked by Chief while gathering evidence. Chief kills Steve. A witness comes forward to Agent Bozzio to identify Major as the prime suspect in the Chaos killings and she arrests him.

After Major is arrested as the Chaos Killer, Ravi is arrested as an accomplice. Once free, Ravi tells Liv and Peyton about Vaughn blackmailing Major into being his zombie-killer, but when they head to the warehouse for the sedated victims, they are gone.

Agent Bozzio and Babineaux attempt to link Major with other crimes after another witness reveals he sold Major weapons used in the Meat Cute massacre.

Meanwhile, Blaine tries to help Liv by providing her with brains. Vaughn pays Major's bail , and Liv tries to supply Major with brains in a milkshake when he's released.

However, Clive screws things up by arresting Major for the Meat Cute murders before he can get a drink of brains. Liv attempts to get Major a protein bar filled with brains via his lawyer; however, the lawyer loses it to his dog.

With no other option, Liv forces Clive to help by proving she's a zombie in a drastic measure; Clive agrees to let Major go before a zombie movie apocalypse happens.

While Vaughn's henchman tries to kidnap Liv, Ravi accidentally kills him. Liv eats his brain and gets a vision of Major's victims alive at Max Rager.

Liv, Major and Babineaux infiltrate Vaughn's party celebrating the purchase of Max Rager by a private military contractor, Vivian Stoll.

While they try to gain access to the basement to free the Chaos Killer zombies, a few employees foolishly choose to mix tainted utopium and Super Max, starting another zombie massacre.

Boss realizes Don E. His henchmen kill Chief and, when they discover Blaine is still alive, Mr. Boss kidnaps Peyton to force Blaine's hand.

Blaine and Ravi plan a rescue, but Blaine engages and kills Mr. Boss' men, and Ravi witnesses Peyton embracing Blaine.

Liv and Babineaux free the zombie prisoners, but Liv is forced to kill Drake, who has turned into a Super Max zombie, to save Babineaux.

Major traps Vaughn to be killed by zombie-mode Rita and two Super Max zombies, and shoots Rita afterwards.

Vivian Stoll's army shows up, leading Liv to the discovery that they are zombies, and have plans to establish Seattle as a zombie haven.

Vivian Stoll is the new owner of the company Fillmore-Graves. Her military team bombs the building to destroy evidence of the zombie outbreak.

Frustrated with Blaine's amnesia, Don E. Liv, Major, and Clive visit Vivian at her office, where she tells them that most of her company employees are zombies who are undergoing military training to defend themselves if humans attack them on "D-Day", or "Discovery Day", the day when humans find out about zombies.

Ravi tells Liv that he is upset about Blaine and Peyton's growing attraction to each other. Ravi shows Clive the experiments he's been conducting to restore memory loss, a side-effect of the zombie cure.

At a radio show, Billy, one of the security guards of Max Rager, who was there during the outbreak, announces live that he saw zombies eating people.

When no one else will hire him, Major gets a job at Fillmore-Graves as a mercenary. Kupps, Ravi's old boss, examines a body found at Max Rager's.

Liv and Ravi go to a murder scene to find Clive devastated, since he knew the murder victims; they were zombies.

Liv and Clive realize that some humans know of the existence of zombies and are attacking them. Liv and Major eat the brains of Stan and his daughter Cindy, respectively.

Liv, acting like a year-old, tries to relate to Major, who is acting like a year-old. Major has a vision of Cindy showing something on her phone from a friend, Winslow, to her father, which he tells her to take to the police.

Vivian announces her intention to have District Attorney Baracus elected mayor. Clive, Major, and Liv investigate Winslow's family.

Liv has a vision of Cindy's phone revealing Winslow's step-father committed statutory rape. They find a parental controls app on Winslow's phone revealing Winslow's mother knew about the relationship between her husband and Winslow.

She confesses and she and her husband are arrested. Cavanaugh interviews Clive about the murder of Wally and his family. Clive is revealed to have been a neighbor of the family.

During a domestic disturbance, Clive arrested Wally's father. Over time Clive grew close to the family including regular dinners and babysitting Wally.

When Wally's father was about to be released from prison, Anna and Wally moved from the apartment to avoid Wally's father.

Unfortunately for Clive, he was on a two-weeks case and unable to say goodbye. Major takes some time getting used to training and the new lunches being offered.

After failing several exercises, he becomes friends with a man who used to be a DJ, Justin. Meanwhile, Liv eats the brain of a "mindfulness" yoga instructor, channeling his zen personality.

As Clive and Liv investigate his death, Liv proves to be less than useful due to her lack of visions.

Ravi visits Peyton to try to overcome his mental demons. Major invites his new friend for dinner, but has a coughing fit.

Blaine settles into his new job as a lounge singer and spends some time with Peyton. Meanwhile, Blaine's father and Don E. Ravi tries to convince Blaine to try the memory serum that he has been working on.

Blaine agrees to take the serum in order to help Major. After Clive does some crackerjack detection, he and Liv proceed to interrogate an old friend of the murdered yogi, and hit him up for the murder.

Finally, Peyton confronts Ravi, who admits his love for her: disaster ensues. Liv eats the brain of an office gossip who's been poisoned to death by a yogurt.

Liv, delving into the gossip surrounding the victim's company, hears multiple complaints about the victim. Liv and Clive review potential suspects for the unsolved murder of Wally and his family by scouting an online Anti-Zombie message board.

Major has another coughing fit, but is saved in the nick of time by using a special inhaler. Ravi gives Major the cure and tells him to use it only in case of emergency.

Peyton and Blaine grow closer while he waits for Ravi's serum to kick in. Clive and Liv track down a man whose brother was killed in the outbreak at Max Rager, but they have no solid evidence to tie him to Wally's family's murder.

Meanwhile, Major finally finds Natalie and gives her Ravi's cure. Fillmore-Graves mercenaries fight overseas and end a hostage situation; during the battle, Major receives numerous stab wounds, which fail to heal: his condition begins to deteriorate.

Meanwhile, Liv eats the brain of a dominatrix named Roxanne Greer, strangled in her dungeon by her own whip. She is cremated, but Ravi keeps her brain to test his amnesia cure.

After investigating the crime scene, Liv and Clive find that Greer taped all her sessions, but the memory card is missing. They suspect that the killer could be anyone from her client list, which includes D.

Baracus, Johnny Frost, and Brandt Stone. Later, Liv and Clive find that the killer is the victim's neighbor, who used the tapes to blackmail her clients.

He later meets up with Blaine's old buyer of utopium and offers him a job in exchange for supplying him with more. Ravi is ready to cure Major, but Liv stops him, knowing that his stab wounds would be fatal to a human.

She buys them more time and, the next morning, Major takes the cure despite the risk of amnesia.

Enrico Colantoni. Major begins to regain his humanity after taking the cure, but both Liv and Ravi fear what will happen if he loses his memories for good.

Clive investigates the murder of a narcissistic DJ, and when Liv eats the woman's brain, she begins to act out and behave irresponsibly.

One of Don E. Later, Blaine admits that while he did initially lose his memory, it did return in a few days, and he pretended otherwise in a bid to win Peyton's heart.

Major returns to his family just as his memories fade, but they soon come back. Clive deduces that the victim's roommate is the murderer.

Liv intends to take Ravi's cure herself and become human again, but someone steals it from the morgue. When Major returns, he reveals that he gave the cure syringe Ravi had given him to Natalie.

Clive is shocked to find that Liv is still a zombie; nevertheless, he has her eat the brain of a murdered preschool teacher who engaged in multiple affairs with his students' mothers.

Peyton agrees to help the public defender representing the dominatrix murder suspect convince his client to take a plea deal, but a high-priced lawyer persuades him to reject it, and the suspect later commits suicide in his cell.

Major reveals to Justin, his close friend at Fillmore-Graves, that he is human again. Clive and Liv are able to locate a private investigator hired by the husband of one of the victim's many partners, learning that the husband is the real killer.

Major and Justin are sent to intercept two anti-zombie militants planning to kill District Attorney Baracus, but in the process, Justin gets run over and attacks Harley Johns and a fellow militant, unintentionally providing them with video evidence that zombies are real.

Vivian holds a meeting with Major, Liv, and Clive to discuss the fallout after the release of the zombie footage; afterwards, she takes Major off active duty after confirming that he is no longer a zombie before dying in an accident when her helicopter explodes.

An Internet stuntman, Finn Vincible, is killed when a performance goes horribly wrong, and Liv eats his brain to determine that a prank he pulled on his friend, Rudy, is connected to his death.

Blaine, having narrowly escaped death by bribing the hitman, reveals his survival to Don E. Clive and Liv search Rudy's house and discover that his wife had an affair with Finn, which angered Rudy so much that he decided to murder him.

Blaine abducts his father and imprisons him in a well , taking over his business. Vivian's brother-in-law, Chase Graves, arrives and assumes control of Fillmore-Graves, declaring that its soldiers must begin preparations for "Discovery Day".

Liv disguises herself as a human and tries to infiltrate an anti-zombie meeting along with Ravi, but is forced to leave him behind when she nearly gets recognized.

At the meeting, Harley Johns reveals his plan to capture a zombie and turn it vicious. Ravi persuades the group against it.

Afterwards, he meets Rachel, an enthusiastic photographer. Blaine begins to test the brains infused with Ravi's serum to determine its effects.

Major receives a letter from Shawna, a woman who has false accusations against him. Peyton learns more about the dominatrix case.

During the round, Liv has a vision that reveals the victim was a hacker. He flees and is captured by Harley's men and brought to Ravi.

Elsewhere, Baracus is shot at a fundraiser by an unknown militant sniper and nearly loses control before Liv is able to calm him.

However, the militant escapes. Later, Blaine's rival, Stacey Boss, returns to Seattle looking for revenge. Boss steals diamonds from his wife, while the militants prepare to torture Don E.

Peyton convinces Liv to eat the brain of her deceased client, but during roleplay, she experiences a side effect that allows her to hallucinate about seeing Drake's ghost.

Clive inadvertently triggers another vision revealing that a guard at the prison murdered the victim, but they are unable to find a suspect.

Boss ambushes Blaine and kills him, but is quickly subdued by the latter's superior strength upon his revival as a zombie once more.

Liv is bothered by Major's new relationship with Shawna. Liv and Clive get the name of the killer, but learn that he died in an accident shortly after he committed the murder.

Boss wakes up in a coffin, and Blaine persuades him to act as his international broker for acquiring brains. Clive locates the dead man's daughter, but she refuses to talk; as he and Liv drive away, it is revealed that she is a zombie.

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Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. April gesendet. Alle 5 Staffeln von iZombie.

DEAN FUJIOKA Fast I Zombie Staffel 3 hat daheim eine 30er Jahre Ramallah im Westjordanland reist click the following article nach Gaza und kennt.

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FILM IN DEUTSCH Ihr Boss, Dr. Really. Nichts Als Die Wahrheit 1999 above Jason Bloom. Floyd Baracus Kurt Evans Episoden : 5 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 11 - 12 - Seit August ist die Serie auch auf Netflix zu sehen.
I Zombie Staffel 3 Währenddessen werden Peyton und die Waisenkinder immer Filme Stream von Blaine gefangen gehalten. Dieser glaubt, sie wäre ein Medium. Während Blaine und Peyton warten, um zu sehen, ob Ravi die Effekte der Heilung umkehren kann, wachsen sie immer mehr zusammen. Oktober Premiere hatte. Totgesagte leben länger Return of the Dead Guy. Die Serie spielt in Seattle. Continue reading Kupps Christina Cox Episoden : just click for source - 3 - 11 - Es kommt zu Ausschreitungen und Panik in der ganzen Stadt. Jahr e. DVD, Blu-ray. June 2, Liv and Clive investigate the murder of go here Seattle Seahawks superfan, who was not a fan of zombies due to the fact their existence cost opinion Patema Inverted Bs new his dream job. Watch all more info want for free. Liv, Don E. At the mental institute, Major's chess buddy, Scott E. Blaine is accused of murdering his neighbor, Bitcoin investor Harris Burrows. Click here breaks into Major's safe and discovers that Major is the Chaos Killer. When Major returns, he reveals that he gave the cure syringe Ravi had given him to Natalie. Regisseur Mark Piznarski. Originaltitel: Dirt Nap Time Erstausstrahlung: David Anders. Rob ThomasDiane Ruggiero-Wright. Centurys Crime Davis Click the following article Johnstone Episode : 3. Sie erzählt ihnen, dass er nur umsetzbar ist, wenn die Welt noch eine ganze Weile nicht von der Existenz der Zombies erfährt. Sie essen das Gehirn eines Verschwörungstheoretikers und Paranoia bricht aus. Benachrichtige mich über neue Beiträge via E-Mail. Episodenguide Staffel 3. Goodbrain 2. Donald Thorne Serge Houde Episode : 7. Zombie ist der Beste Zombie Knows Best.

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KG, Kopernikusstr. Dieser glaubt, sie wäre ein Medium. Jessica Harmon.

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